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Archive - February 2015

Survival Tips for Seniors
Survival Gun Review: Ruger LC9
Has Electricity Zapped Our Self-Sufficiency?

Survival Tips for Seniors

Preparedness tips for older folks or family members are equally important as those for adults and children. Surviving a disaster or any SHTF situation greatly depends on how you have planned or prepared. This especially applies to the elderly, who may require extra care and preparation. Older people may have different needs, but what’s important is that[…]

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Survival Gun Review: Ruger LC9

The Ruger LC9 is getting some very mixed reviews. It seems that people don’t know exactly what to think of this gun. For this reason, we give you three reviews- one negative, one neutral, and one positive. Based on these reviews (plus the awesome bonus videos at the bottom of this post), and your own[…]

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Has Electricity Zapped Our Self-Sufficiency?

Source: article can be found at  With so many folks preparing to survive economic depression as our parents and grandparents did in the 1930s, I wonder about our “progress” since that humble time. Over the years, I’ve been privileged to meet many elderly country folks who said the Great Depression meant little to them. Perhaps it[…]

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