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Archive - May 4, 2015

$5 Mod Weapontech AK47 Bolt Hold Open follower
Are These Survival Skills Disappearing?

$5 Mod Weapontech AK47 Bolt Hold Open follower

The WeaponTech AK47 Enhanced BHO Follower keeps the bolt open when the last round is fired, allowing for faster reloads without the guess work! Improve reliability and increase safety with this gunsmith-free upgrade for your AK magazines! Simply replace your factory followers for the WeaponTech Enhanced BHO Follower! Fits as a drop-in replacement for standard AK47[…]

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Are These Survival Skills Disappearing?

I love to sit around with my grandparents and listen to them talk about “the good old days.” Back when people were self-reliant, family-oriented, and had common sense. You don’t see much of that anymore, do you? It seems like with every generation, as we become more and more reliant on modern technology, we forget the skills[…]

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