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Archive - July 19, 2015

3 Practical Tips for Apartment Preppers
Tactics & Tips for Urban Survival
How to: Hide in Plain Sight

3 Practical Tips for Apartment Preppers

URBAN SURVIVAL While I believe that if you are living in an urban area, it’s ultimately best to be somewhere else when things go sideways and all hell breaks loose (which is why I live in a rural location), I’m also aware that not everybody is going to be able to simply pick up stakes[…]

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Tactics & Tips for Urban Survival

The urban survivalist living in a large to medium sized city has many advantages and just as many disadvantages as the rural or small town survivalist does, and of course the opposite is just as often true as well. What that all boils down to is; there is no one article, book, or way to[…]

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How to: Hide in Plain Sight

Moving through the city during a loss of civility (Government-speak for breakdown) can be extremely dangerous, even life-threatening. Sadly, there will be many predators who wait for just such occasions to prey upon those weaker than them. We call them opportunivores. They  only obey the law because they fear punishment. When Law enforcement is removed[…]

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