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Archive - September 18, 2015

How To Hang a Bear Bag Using The Pacific Crest Trail Method
How to Hammock Camp

How To Hang a Bear Bag Using The Pacific Crest Trail Method

A major concern when camping is safety when dealing with wildlife. Animals are attracted to campsites with food. Bear bags offer a safe way to store food and deter animals from bothering you while camping. The PCT, or Pacific Crest Trail, Method for hanging a bear bag is a popular option. Learn how to properly hang a bear[…]

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How to Hammock Camp

Hammock camping is growing in popularity due to it’s convenience. With less gear than traditional tent camping, many people are choosing hammock camping as a way to lighten up their backpacks. Another asset of hammock camping is the variety of camp site options. No need to find a flat, open, dry spot for your site. You[…]

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