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Archive - October 6, 2015

Off The Cord Cooking Gear and Tips
DIY Solar Powered Cellphone Charger
Dave Canterbury’s Hammock Tent Review

Off The Cord Cooking Gear and Tips

Cooking is one of the things that gives me great pleasure because it leads to one of my other favorite pastimes; eating. I learned this skill by watching my Grandmother cook meals on my many visits to her home. It fascinated me to see her take wild game that I would bring to her as a[…]

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DIY Solar Powered Cellphone Charger

Cell phones are one of the modern conveniences we rely on the most. The average person would be completely lost if forced to live without their phone for a day, much less for a longer span of time. You can be left without electricity for an extended amount of time for multiple reasons. Blackouts, fallen[…]

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Dave Canterbury’s Hammock Tent Review

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good camping hammock? We all know hammocks relaxing and fun, but a camping hammock tent can also serve as elevated shelters for camping or survival situations. Hammock camping is one of the more enjoyable ways to go camping. If you are searching the best high-quality hammock for your next adventure,[…]

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