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Archive - October 23, 2015

Picking the Best Bug Out Bag Backpack for YOU
Plan Your Bug Out Bag Contents
The Best Way To Pack Your Bug Out Bag

Picking the Best Bug Out Bag Backpack for YOU

In the past we have looked at a couple of options of what should be in a Bug Out Bag from Bug Out Bag essentials to how to customize your survival gear into a wilderness or urban survival kit.  But as far as the bag itself, how do you determine what is the best Bug Out[…]

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Plan Your Bug Out Bag Contents

There are many Bug Out Bag lists posted all over the internet that look at what to include in your Bug Out Bag contents.  However, many of these include everything under the sun in an attempt to cover every possible survival scenario but do not account for how carrying around all this weight with affect[…]

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The Best Way To Pack Your Bug Out Bag

As a well-informed prepper, you’ve no doubt put a significant amount of thought and effort into choosing the best, most essential items to include in your bug out bag. Did you know that the way you pack your bug out bag is just as important as the items themselves? It’s true. Even the most well-prepared kit can[…]

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