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Emergency Childbirth
4 Antibiotics To Hoard When SHTF

Emergency Childbirth

Emergency Childbirth An Urban Scenario Intent: The purpose of the following childbirth scenario is to give instructions on 1) preparing a birthing bed, 2) dealing with a very tight cord around the neck, 3) drying the baby 4) suctioning the baby, if necessary, 5) keeping the mother dry and warm, and 6) being prepared with[…]

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4 Antibiotics To Hoard When SHTF

What you need to know about antibiotics! Physicians will not provide a prescription for antibiotics without first observing you. The reason… Antibiotics only help to destroy bacteria specifically. This includes illnesses like bacterial pneumonias, strep throat, bacterial ear infections, pertussis (or whooping cough), some STDs (like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis), tuberculosis – really nasty bugs. Viruses,[…]

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