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Ammunition (colloquially shortened to ammo) is propellant and projectile, or broadly anything that can be used in combat including bombs, missiles, warheads, landmines, naval mines, and anti-personnel mines. The word comes from the French la munition which is all material used for war. The collective term for all types of ammunition is munitions.

Firearms 101 – Introduction
Top 5 Guns For When The Man Comes
Buy and Sell Guns for Profit!
Oregon Ducks Jerseys – Perfect For Ducks Fans

Firearms 101 – Introduction

When planning for a survival situation, firearms are certainly a consideration.  Which firearms depend on what you want to do with them, the space available, your budget, storage capabilities and legal restrictions.  And, of course, personal preference. Before picking up any firearm, make sure that you are intimately familiar with firearm safety.  As a refresher,[…]

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Top 5 Guns For When The Man Comes

When The Man comes, will you be ready?  What do you need most to defend yourself from the powers that be? What guns are best for this situation? Check out this video to learn about the top five guns for when The Man comes to get you! *Disclaimer* This video is satire.  It is not[…]

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Buy and Sell Guns for Profit!

When you have your own FFL (Federal Firearms License), you are legally able to buy and sell firearms for profit. This license allows you to sell firearms in a brick and mortar store, online, or even from home. For an easy way to get your Federal Firearms License, Click Here. This is a great way[…]

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Oregon Ducks Jerseys – Perfect For Ducks Fans

He had outrageous years with averages of .422 and .396. Vegetables supply h2o, fiber, and a variety cross alan jersey authentic of minerals and vitamins meant for good digestion and colon perform. So now understand the national Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday night and Monday NFL games around the season, but here’s a peek at the[…]

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