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How to Make an ULTRA Compact Pocket Stove – With Built-in Pot Stand!

How to make an ultra compact, portable, and highly efficient alcohol stove that easily fits in your pocket, and even features a built-in pot stand that is detachable and packs away conveniently inside the stove.

Made from a Nivea Cream container and a couple of common items found at your local hardware store, this little homemade alcohol stove is a quick and easy build for the average Do-It-Yourself enthusiast.

It’s capabilities can easily extend beyond a cheap, efficient lightweight backpacking stove, to applications such as: emergency use, inclusion in a survival kit, or simply an inexpensive DIY camp stove for the budget minded individual.

Stove Specs & Stats:
Weight – .6 ounces (16 grams)
Dimensions – 1/2″ x 2 1/4″
Fuel Capacity – 1 ounce
Boil Time – 5 minutes (2 cups)
Total Burn Time – 9 minutes

Parts/Items Needed:
1 Nivea Cream Container ($1.00)
3 Aluminum Threaded Post w/Screw – 1 1/2″ ($0.88 each)
3 Hex Nuts – #8-32 ($1.08 per pack)
Carbon Felt – 3″ x 6″ ($2.00)
*Carbon felt/fiber is typically sold in bulk & can be expensive. You can also use fiberglass insulation as a substitute.

Here’s How To Make A Fast Starting Alcohol Soda Can (Hobo) Stove For Just $2

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