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Evacuating Yourself And Your Family
How To Survive An EMP Attack
How to Achieve Food Independence

Evacuating Yourself And Your Family

Prepare now in the event of an evacuation!! Editors note: Original article can be found here on  Evacuations are more common than many people realize. Fires and floods cause evacuations most frequently across the U.S. and almost every year, people along coastlines evacuate as hurricanes approach. In addition, hundreds of times a year, transportation and industrial[…]

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How To Survive An EMP Attack

You’ll see as you read below just how close Obama is to wiping out millions. All it takes to wiping out millions is one piece of legislation to line everything up…  and at that stage of the game it will be too late to reverse it. Electricity is like the heart of the human body… when it STOPS pumping everything[…]

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How to Achieve Food Independence

Editors note: Source Article can be found on by Scott Daniels.  Many of us (myself included) place self-sufficiency in food at the top of our priority list. Despite our best efforts, we inevitably fall short. Why do fail to accomplish this seemingly simple objective? Our forefathers grew most of their own food, so why can’t we? That[…]

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