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How To Defend Against A Grab
A Creative Look at What Women Carry for Self Defense
Why Women Need A Gun For Self Defense

How To Defend Against A Grab

Most conventional martial arts systems teach a myriad of mistakes. One of those mistakes is that you only need to use one move or one blow for a particular situation. What they neglect to mention is: what if that blow misses or that move doesn’t work. In the dojo, all you have to do is[…]

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A Creative Look at What Women Carry for Self Defense

Those in the prepper sphere know that we need to be prepared to defend ourselves at any time.  This is something that many women, prepper or not, know as well.  One in three women will be victims of sexual assault during their lifetime. Because of this, many women carry self defense items with them at[…]

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Why Women Need A Gun For Self Defense

Editors note: Originally posted by Bob Owens on Everytown for Gun Safety, an anti-gun group, released a video to demonstrate why gun control is needed. They don’t seem to realize that their video teaches the opposite lesson. In it, we see a woman — helpless and defenseless — try to protect her young child from an armed[…]

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