Van Life Never Looked As Luxurious As This

When you think of camper vans, you generally think of those 1960s VWs with hippy flowers painted on the doors or a Transporter crammed with sleeping bags, surfboards and empty beer bottles.

There aren’t many people than decide to go one step bigger and buy a bus – but this couple did. They converted a 1993 American Ford school bus into a seriously cool mobile home.

“They converted a 1993 American Ford school bus into a seriously cool mobile home…”


Watch as the owner takes us on a Cribs-style tour of their palace on wheels. It’s got everything from wooden floors and a double bed to a fully tiled bathroom and proper working kitchen.

It took three months to renovate and now they’ve been living in it for four years.

OK, so it does get a bit ‘interior design-y’ in the middle with all that chat about wainscoting and cushions, but it’s still a pretty cool watch…

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