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How To Survive An EMP Attack


You’ll see as you read below just how close Obama is to wiping out millions. All it takes to wiping out millions is one piece of legislation to line everything up…  and at that stage of the game it will be too late to reverse it. Electricity is like the heart of the human body… when it STOPS pumping everything SHUTS DOWN. So you can only really prepare for the worst if you want to survive the attack!

Here are some of the most common questions people have about the guide “Darkest Days – How To Survive An EMP Attack To The Grid” the only proven to work guide for surviving a permanent black-out disaster scenario.

Why should I prepare for an EMP if 90% of all Americans will be dead by the first year?

The Darkest Days course was specifically created for protecting your family and household. However, a huge part of the course focuses on protecting your community and Charles’ time spent with the Amish is proof that a large community can survive without electrical power. This is about making sure that you and even your entire community are part of the 10% that do survive.

If all electronics, and even networks like communication channels, are down… why do I need a Faraday Cage to store my electronics?

As you probably already know… you are not alone. The prepping community is constantly growing. Having the possibility of communicating via radio can save your life in a post-apocalyptic world. Also, a Faraday Cage isn’t build to put your iPhone in it… you can store plenty of useful things like a flashlight or spare repair parts for cars.

If EMPs are such an imminent threat… how come no other countries are preparing for an HEMP attack or EMP nuclear war?

As a matter of fact, plenty countries acknowledge the EMP threat and are taking precautions. As surprising as it may sound… France and China both created armies of carrier pigeons. According to the Chinese Ministry of National Defense, China maintains a platoon of 50.000 carrier pigeons with 1.100 trainers for communication in border and coastal areas. And that’s just one of the many measures taken…

What are the immediate effects after an EMP attack?

Despite popular beliefs… planes won’t be falling down from the sky and some cars, including newer models might still work. However, some effects will be much worse… an EMP blast won’t have any direct effects over the people. There will be no visible or noticeable explosion. The first noticeable thing will be lack of electricity. The effects however are morbid. The first death wave would come moments after the EMP and in a matter of one week our civilization would turn into a primitive and barbaric world.

EMP Attack

Before telling you how easy is to build and EMP bomb and how fragile out power grid is, let me explain what and EMP is. An EMP or Electro Magnetic Pulse is an electro-magnetic discharge that fries sensitive circuits… within minutes… even seconds…

Most modern day appliances, the gadgets we use daily, and even the U.S. power grid all have sensitive circuits built-in. Think of a normal black-out when you don’t have any lights, heating, or internet… only an EMP black-out is permanent and on a larger scale… this means you can also say goodbye to telecommunications, transportation and even utilities like water. That’s why CIA fears an EMP bomb might send us back to the middle ages. And they fear that it will happen this year.

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