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Nikola Tesla’s 1894 Bifilar Pancake Coil


Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.

He was forced to quit on all the projects that would have meant your energy independence today… losing $50,000 (worth over a million at the time) all his work and the right to win the Nobel prize for energy. The sweet revenge of Tesla on the greedy energy fat cats… 2 weeks before he passed away occurred when he exposed ONLY to his natal villagers an invention that costs $63 and takes 43 minutes to build and that has legally cut their electricity bill instantly by 82%… for the past 78 years! Nikola Tesla Meant to Change the Energy World Forever.

Warning: This has nothing to do with FREE Energy.

Many have been lead to believe that such energy exists. It will be a bit of an insult to Nikola Tesla to state that and what you’re going to discover is the shocking proof that you don’t need free energy to cut your electricity bill by 82% or more. Before revealing you what is all about I want to tell you the sad story of Nikola Tesla, how he got stabbed in the back 3 times by greedy corporatists, and why we need to love him today.

On July 10, 1856 – in the small village of Smiljan (Croatia today)… from a father priest and a mother artist Nikola Tesla was born.

small village of Smiljan (Croatia)

From early childhood the boy proved to be a genius. Before going to elementary school Nikola amazed his parents: the obsession for making home craft tools, mechanical appliances and the ability to memorize Serbian epic poems were things that he was doing all day long at the age of 6. In school, he was always learning from 3 AM to 11 PM. No weekend or holidays… and this concerned even the professors believing he might die from exhausting. For Nikola it was normal… and he was having the time of his life. Soon he quit school because he felt that he was not progressing and decided to travel to the US and work for the great Thomas Edison in design and improvement to electrical equipment.

Tesla told Edison that he could redesign Edison’s motors and generators… making an improvement in both service and economy. Edison laughed and said: “There’s fifty thousand dollars in it for you… if you can do it” (In 1882 … $50, 000 was the equivalent of $1.3 Million today). Tesla did it ultimately!


Edison refused to pay him… saying “Tesla, you don’t understand our American humor”. Tesla resigned and founded his own company “Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing”. The company installed electrical arc light based illumination systems and also had the designs for dynamo electric machine commutators, the first patents issued to Tesla in the US.


Tesla proposed that the company should go on to develop his ideas for alternating current transmission system and motors. The investors (big banks connected with the energy world at that time) disagree and fired him from his own company… leaving him penniless. Tesla was forced to work as a ditch digger for $2 per day. Later he said about that period that was “terrible headaches and bitter tears”. One year later, with the help of some attorney friend Tesla formed the Tesla Electric Company. Over the next years his company constructed an alternating current induction motor based on a rotating magnetic field. He received patent for the motor in May 1888.

X-ray experimentation was next… and then the radio waves. So next time you listen radio, or you go to your doctor for an x-ray… or even when you’re using the electrical stove or the microwave unit… make sure you know it comes from TESLA. But things were far from running smoothly… and the day that was about to change everything come.

January 9, 1894. Nikola Tesla wakes up in the morning takes all the documentation of a secret invention and heads to the US Patent Office. Four hours later he’s getting out with a big smile on his face. Rumors say that he yelled “This will change the energy world forever”. For the next period he worked day and night to fulfill his dream… to make this genius invention applicable for all people.

He needed funds and he invited in his laboratory 5 potential investors for a demonstration of his discovery. Among these five people there were: two bankers, two energy investors… and one president of a very powerful power company at that time. The “mad man scientist” took out of his bag a weird little device. He turned on a light bulb… and right next to it he put his little device… Then from this little device he plugged in another 15 more light bulbs. The result was incredible. From the same source of energy that was lighting one bulb… he managed, through his weird invention, to give power to 15 more light bulbs.

Bottom line was that for every 100 watts consumed he was able to get at least 500 free watts. His incredible invention was about to cut the electricity bills… instantly… by 80%… everywhere in the world. The assistance was in shock. They even searched the device to see if there are any gimmicks. Tesla said: “Gentlemen, finance me and help me improve this and all the planet will afford energy“. Although at the first sight they all looked interested… this invention hit them in the back of their head.

These guys were making money from energy consumption… and they were planning to expand. Their interest was to trick people to consume more instead of saving on energy. This could have meant their bankruptcy. Only Tesla was naive… because he didn’t care about money… and he thought that all the other people are the same. Big mistake… because one week later the ULTIMATE betrayal occurred. March 13, 1895 – On the 5th Avenue… at Tesla Laboratory a big fire started… In less than 2 hours the entire building burnt to the ground. Nikola Tesla barely escaped…

5th Avenue laboratory fire


Much of Tesla’s early research—hundreds of invention models, plans, notes, laboratory data, tools, photographs, valued at $50,000—was lost in the 5th Avenue laboratory fire. Tesla is quoted by The New York Times as saying,

I am in too much grief to talk. What can I say?

This devastated him… and although he was pretty sure from where that fire came from… he didn’t go to police to press charges. He quit on everything… didn’t care about science anymore… started to gamble and almost got broke.

For the next period… He went in his natal village in Smiljan (Croatia) with all the papers that he could save and started a new life.

The truth is that Tesla never recovered mentally from this event… and even he continued his projects and research… he decided to quit on the project that was about to give very cheap energy to people.

On January 7 1943 Tesla dies alone in a hotel room in New York. Power companies made sure that his name was forgotten and became popular again in the 1990’s.

On 7 January 1943, Tesla, 86, died

Greedy energy fat cats believed that the secret of cheap electricity died along with Tesla… but they didn’t know that he managed to save the plans of his invention… and that he gave it away only to people of his natal village. Rumors say that Smiljan is the community where people pay even today less than 20% than other Croatian are paying. How do I know all these? Well… I lived in Smiljan for 4 years… and I got to find all the secrets. Here are some pictures from Smiljan… Have a look and tell me if you see anything strange? As you can see there are electrical masts on the road…

modern-day Croatiabut houses don’t seem to need electricity from the power companies.

modern-day Croatia

For example… while I was living there… with a very small battery and Tesla device I was able to power 4 light bulbs for days. Here’s the shocking proof of how everything works… and how powerful it is:

This invention can work anywhere to power everything from small radios… to big refrigerators, tv plasmas or computers. It’s perfect to use in any situation… especially in disaster situations when all the energy lines are down and you need electricity for preserving the food in refrigerator and for cooking. It’s so small that you can put it into your pocket but it’s that powerful that it can reduce your entire electricity bill by 80% instantly even if  you are paying $250 a month.

The wonder invention is the BIFILAR PANCAKE COIL patented by Nikolas TESLA in 1894 in the patent N° 512,340 and you can find this anywhere at any local shop but just a few people know what to do with it. There’s a catch however, Tesla’s invention was not yet ready to be a DYI when his lab got on fire. In fact that is what those who started the fire in his lab wanted. Even though many people know about Tesla Coil and you can find information about it on a few websites no one will teach you how to make this work for your home or how it can cut your electricity prices by 82%.

Without the insider information that Tesla only shared with villagers of Smiljan you won’t be able to do it.

What’s so magic about this coil?

The bifilar coil is a coil on steroids. Tesla believed that this technology came from intelligent life on another planet and that it needed to be shared with everyone. Imagine a coil that has so much power that can last tens of years without ever replacing it,  providing the exact boost that a small source of electricity needs to transform itself into more electricity.

This is not unique in nature. I don’t know if you’re familiar with how the aircraft carriers are built and how they’re propelled but for sure they’re not working on gas or diesel. Their energy is provided by uranium and approximately 100 lbs of uranium is enough to propel a huge carrier for 1 year without interruption around the globe.

The same type of thing happens with Tesla coil at a different proportion it has the same power. It can boost any electricity source into 5 times more instantly permanently without any intervention for the rest of your life. That means that if you gain 80% more electricity… you’ll pay only 20% of how much you’re paying today.

Here’s the shocking proof that anyone can do after you’ll have your own device installed at home:

The good news is that there’s no danger whatsoever behind this invention. Anyone can have their own money-saving device properly installed in less than 2 hours… and it will cut your electricity bill by 80% by today… not tomorrow or in a month. This little device can be built for only $63 and most of the components can be bought at any local shop.

And if you’re going to follow the videos that we’ve prepared for you that show you exactly how to build such a device… even your kid can build one by the end of the day. You don’t have to be an electrician you don’t even need energy knowledge. There’s a catch, here, too Everything that you’re about to learn today about building your own device is dumb simple but ONLY if you know how to do it properly.



Discover What the Tesla Natal Village People Have Known For Decades

The best part is with this knowledge you can gain 80% more electricity but pay only 20% of what you are currently paying.

Without the insider information that Tesla shared with villagers of Smiljan you won’t be able to use it.

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