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This Guy Built The Ultimate Man Cave

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I am always looking for thoughtful ways to protect my family. In this awesome article I found something here worth sharing with you from our friends at The US Herald. I am seriously considering having this ultimate man cave build in my suburban yard.

In prepper circles, the definition of “man cave” is a clever, well-stocked panic room, hideaway, or cabin in the woods where the entire family can bug out when the big collapse comes.

Preparing for end times is serious work and big business these days. With an estimated 3 million so-called preppers in the U.S., these hardy, forward thinking folk have spent thousands on food, water, weapons, medicine, precious metals, and other supplies, intent on riding out the global apocalypse in safety – well-fed, and in style.

As it so happens, the more affluent preppers have taken survival to a whole new level in the form of prefabricated underground fallout shelters.


Enter the man cave.



Here are the pieces coming in.


Digging a little hole.




Supplies to help survive an extended stay.








We’re not talking cramped concrete or sand-bag bunkers here but roomy, self-contained, electrified, illuminated, and ventillated structures, buried underground complete with all the amenities and fixtures one would expect in living quarters even George Soros would find appealing. In fact,these custom designed babies are nothing short of luxurious.

While the more skilled preppers may decide to design and build their own bunkers and sanctuaries, some of their less handy, cash-flush counterparts are deciding to invest small fortunes on ready built shelters to ensure their family’s safety in the event of a nuclear or biological attack or massive social unrest. Atlas Survival Shelters is one company that produces amazingly crafted corrugated pipe shelters at prices many preppers find they can afford. The starting price for a basic unit is $49,900, worthy of a small mortgage for some people. What’s more, these shelters truly are a home away from home, hidden deep underground and out of sight.

Each unit comes with two concealed main hatches – one to climb down into the shelter, the other to vacate in a hurry if the shelter is discovered and overrun by starving “sheeple.” Check out these company product facts: each corrugated structure boasts a 200-year lifespan, so expect these homey hideouts to last for generations (provided there is a world to come back to.) Step into an Atlas shelter and what you will find inside is an honest-to-god subterranean man cave. There are power generator and Swiss-made air filtration systems, a living room area furnished with leather chairs if you want, or a flat-screen TV; a full kitchen and dining area, laundry room, flushing toilet, and bedrooms with bunk beds for the kids or guests. The shelters are brightly painted inside and well-lit with overhead florescent lights. And there are plenty of outlets to plug in or recharge your gadgets.

Basketball players, take note of the 7-foot ceilings.

Preppers, forget about the phony housing recovery. Instead, you can invest in a made-to-order underground lodge, cabin, bunker, or condo, or build your own from scratch. “Better prepared than scared,” says the Atlas motto, and that says a lot about the apocalyptic state of mind of millions of Americans who refuse to become victims of something as silly as a great depression.

Can you blame them? Hardly. And if you have the wherewithal to build your own subterranean family survival abode, then price is no object.

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