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Why Women Need A Gun For Self Defense


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Everytown for Gun Safety, an anti-gun group, released a video to demonstrate why gun control is needed. They don’t seem to realize that their video teaches the opposite lesson. In it, we see a woman — helpless and defenseless — try to protect her young child from an armed intruder entering their home. She frantically calls 911 and waits for the police to arrive… But what if she had been armed instead? You be the judge — does this video get its message across? Watch it below:

Michale Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Everytown For Gun Safety inadvertently showed their followers precisely why a woman might need a firearm to defend herself and her children from an abusive ex-spouse or another kind of home invader.

We’re going to give you a play-by play of the video, because Mom’s Demand/Everytown is likely to realize the message they are really sending and pull the video down at any time.

The brief 30-second spot shows a woman desperately calling 911 for police as her abusive ex-husband stands on the porch, demanding to be let in.


Her restraining order is just a piece of paper; it is no defense against the obviously angry man demanding to be let in the home.


Tired of waiting, he kicks in the front door, and attempts to snatch the couple’s son.


Unarmed and defenseless, she vainly tries to stop the much larger man. He turns on her and puts the child down, pushing her away.


He draws a pistol from his coat pocket as she cowers in fear….


And just like that, she’s gone, dead before she hit the floor. The bullet that struck her in the left eye blew out the back of her skull in a spray of blood and bone before embedding in the wall behind her. Her screaming son is shocked into silence, unable to comprehend the sudden deafening concussion of the shock of a bullet fired indoors, and why Mommy is suddenly silent, a rag doll on the floor in a rapidly spreading pool of blood.

Sadly—in real life—the child will not have to live with the horror of what he’s witnessed beyond a few more tortured seconds. Quite often, the abusive parent will then kill their children, and then take their own lives, making the tragedy complete.

Of course, it didn’t have to be this way, with a younger, smaller woman defenseless against a stronger and armed attacker.

We prefer and advocate an alternate storyline….



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A woman desperately calls 911 for police as her abusive ex-husband stands on the porch, demanding to be let in. She’d already entered the code into her gun safe, and has withdrawn the loaded 9mm pistol that she learned to use in the NRA’s Refuse to Be A Victim and Personal Protection In The Home courses.


She knows that in the end, her restraining order is just a piece of paper; it is no defense against the obviously angry man demanding to be let in the home.

The police won’t be there for many long minutes. The nearest officer is 8 long minutes away, and hasn’t even been dispatched yet.


He kicks in the front door. She drops the phone and sweeps her son behind her with her left arm, as she raises the 9mm pistol in her right. He bellows with anger and attempts to charge her, and she fires.

Crack! Crack Crack!

He stops with a stunned expression on his face, and wilts to the floor, breathing shallow, ragged breaths. He doesn’t speak, and simply glowers at her with hate-filled eyes until the spark behind them slowly goes out, he loses focus, and slumps over on the floor.  Moments latter he draws a final wet, raspy breath. It is then that she realizes that her son is crying in the corner… but alive.

It will be several minutes before she hears the sound of approaching police sirens, and it may be years before she truly feels safe again.

But she is alive. Her son is alive. And the man who had threatened both of their lives is gone…

* * *

So tell me: which story ending do you prefer?

Do you prefer the Everytown story of a man who walked through a restraining order—and who illegally had a gun—murdering his estranged wife and child before committing suicide?

Or do you prefer that the mother exercised her constitutional right to self defense, received training on how to protect herself and her son, and employed that right to save two lives?

Moms Demand/Everytown wants you to “send a message” your Senators by sending a text.


Texting a Senator has never saved a single human life. Clicking this link might.

Townhall editor and Gunsite Academy graduate Katie Pavlich has further thoughts on the matter.

As for Everytown itself, even its Facebook followers are wondering about the message they meant to send.


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