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Is Jade Helm a Training Operation to Impose U.S. Martial Law?

Editors note: Originally Posted Apr 27, 2015 by Micki Hogan
In video footage recently released, American military is seen training to escort civilians to FEMA camps and initiate martial law. Is there more to the Jade Helm training operation than authorities are saying?


The massive and covert military operation is set to take place in nine different states. The operation is said to train military officers to move among its own civilians without chaos, panic, or fear. Training during the operation involves controlling a peaceful roundup of civilians and escorting them to a safety camp, otherwise known as FEMA camps. FEMA camps are military camps on American soil planned to be used in events of natural devastation but are also rumored to be used as holding camps when martial law is imposed. Famed conspiracy theorist and ex-senator Jesse Ventura released an extensive study of the camps on his show Conspiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura.


Military Police

The United States military trains for Jade Helm operation.


Is the military training to prepare for invasion of America or is in fact the entire U.S. military operation preparing to enter the United States of America into a state of martial law. Many questions are being raised but not many questions are being answered. In the video shown above, which was recently released by Western Journalism, Tom Hinchey explains the operation. He details the released information of the training exercise including the fact that all four branches of the United Stated military is partaking in the training exercise in nine southern and western states. The video shows footage of one training operation taking place in Florida where military personnel are seen executing a civilian round up. Civilians are seen lined up linked hands to shoulders and being escorted on to waiting buses to be transferred.

The beginning stages of these training exercises have already taken place in Florida, where police and other local agencies gave aide to the military during the training that began on March 27th. The Sun Sentinel released a statement saying, “The goal is to train participants in realistic unfamiliar training conditions before they deploy for combat overseas.”



The U.S. states involved in the operation have been ranked according to their hostility levels. Texas and Utah were ranked the most hostile, while California Colorado and Nevada have been deemed permissive. The remaining states have been deemed non threatening or unknown. No direct answer has been given as to why this ranking has been issued and leaves one to speculate the true reasoning behind the missions. According to Jon Stewart , chief deputy of the Brazos County Sheriff department stated to the Houston Chronicle:

The designation of Texas as “hostile territory” was merely a way of setting up a role playing exercise under which soldiers operate behind enemy lines.

When asked why Texas was labeled hostile, the United States Army refused to give a direct answer or an explanation. Journalists investigating the Jade Helm theory have been called media alarmists and conspiracy theorists while the hostile territory question has been ignored according to a report released by Infowars website on March 23rd.

Another interesting twist to the story released by Infowars it is also noted the covert mission also will be asking civilians to participate in the mocked infiltration of American streets. Not only are residents expected to live normal everyday lives while the military takes over their neighborhoods for training; residents of the areas involved will be asked to report anything criminal or suspicious in their neighborhoods. Is this necessary for a training operation or is this nothing more than a clever roux and a way for American military to impose their strength and gain intelligence from it’s own civil population? A lot of questions are being raised by the Jade Helm cover training operation. Will America see a civil war within the future years? Has our lack of compassion for others lead our American government to feel we need corralled like cattle? Or is this simply the military doing what it does best, preparing for the worst. Only time will tell.

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