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The Ultimate List Of Survival Guns Reviews


We love to give you survival gun reviews here at Urban Survival Times.

From the giving you a list of the most popular, best handguns to helping you create your ultimate survival arsenal, we’re always offering different kinds of firearms advice.


This list is all of our best survival gun reviews and tips, together in one place!

Reviews of the Ruger Mini 14, XM8 Assault Rifle, Ruger LC9, Survival Air Guns, and the best Mountain Hunting Rifles are just the beginning of what we have to offer.

Check out our reviews and then let us know what you think of these survival weapons in the comments below!


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Ruger Mini 14 Review

This popular carbine gets a total run down in this review post.

ruger review



XM8 Assault Rifle

Watch video tests, reviews, and more about this assault rifle. Learn all about the XM8 Assault Rifle.

xm8 title


Air Guns For Survival?

Tell us what you think about using air guns as the ultimate survival weapon. Watch these test videos and reviews to help you decide!

air gun



Ruger LC9 Review

We give you 3 reviews of different opinions, then ask for your opinion in the comments in this post. Sound off with your fellow preppers and let us know what you think!

lc9 review



Best 10 Handgun Makes in the US

We break down the top 10 most popular makes of handguns in the US and why they are so popular with gun enthusiasts.

best handguns



6 Survival Guns For Your Arsenal

This list helps you ensure that your survival arsenal is complete. Check out this post and make sure that you’re really as prepared as you think!

long range rifle



7 Awesome Rifles For Mountain Hunting

Need a gun for extreme conditions? A rifle on this list could be just the one for you!

Rifles For Mountain Hunting



6 Survival Gun Reviews

We picked 6 survival guns and made a list of reviews for all of them. Check out our list and let us know what you think!

survival gun reviews



Best Self Defense Weapons and Guns For Women

This list gives the absolute best options for female self defense. From guns to other weapons, this list was made for woman-friendly self defense.

title image weapons for women


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