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Decision Making for Survival



Survival in the wild, in the urban jungle, a natural disaster, or in the end of the world takes more than the skills you have been practicing or the items or tools you have been preparing. When you are alone out there and the unthinkable just took place, your survival and your life as a whole is at stake. It will demand not just your physical strength but also the strength and ability of your mind. In other words, critical thinking is vital to your survival.

Decision Making for Survival

Just because you are in the wilderness does not mean you should just focus on the muscles and the nerves needed to survive. Survival is a mind game as there are so many things to consider in order to come out alive from a very bad situation. You will need to assess your condition carefully. Food, clothing, shelter and all others that you need will challenge your decision-making abilities.

If you have a 72-hour kit, you have to decide as to how you can possibly live longer than those first three days. Save as much food as you could and find a good source of water. It is time to set up your tent or any shelter from the elements. Assess the whole situation making use of all your analytical abilities in order to come up with the most suitable survival plan.

Panicking in crisis situations is expected but it is not a welcome thought because you could end up losing in the end. You need to stay rational and avoid taking too many chances or risks. Bear in mind that your main goal is to survive so take the time for some critical thinking when you are faced with difficult situations. You must try out the solutions that come to mind and discern what the consequences of one decision could result to.

It may take time to make up your mind on which move you should make, but with critical thinking you will be able to eliminate the actions that lead to too many problems. Instead choose the path that will ensure minimal damage or consequence and most of all guarantee that you will be able get through the crisis situation.

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