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6 Top Prepper Tools to Cook, Bake and Stew

Zoom Versa Stove

ecozoom1The EcoZoom rocket stove is designed to burn wood, dried biomass (Plant materials and animal waste used as fuel) or charcoal making it a truly versatile means of cooking now and after the lights go out and other more conventional sources of fuel (like propane) are no longer available or need to be conserved for other uses.

My EcoZoom rocket stove has proven to be very heat efficient – bring a pan of water to a rolling boil in less than two minutes and frying an egg like nobody’s business. Having a means of cooking, when the power goes out should be self-explanatory. Having a cooking source that uses easy to find, renewable fuel is an extra bonus. The EcoZoom is a must have in the preppers, food cooking and processing tools kit.


Camping Stove

Coleman Camping StoveHaving a standard camping type stove on hand for emergencies is one of those common sense things to do, and most folks in the country already have one or two of these for camping purposes.

If you don’t then go out and buy one now – a top-of-the-line model will put you back around $100 at current prices. And don’t forget to pick up some extra fuel canisters – put back at least 24 one pound canisters, or better yet get a hook-up that will allow the use of the larger 20 pound tanks.



Sun Oven

sun-ovenIf you’re in an area that receives a sufficient amount of sunlight, then a solar-oven is a must have. With a solar-oven there is no need to store or scrounge for fuel, and as long as the sun is hot in the sky, you’ll have an unlimited “fuel” source to prepare food with.

The best brand and the one that I recommend is The All American Sun Oven – it’s best to get the package with the accessories included, to avoid having to buy these later.



Folding Camp Grill 

camping-grillThis is another item, like the camping stove above that most folks in the country already have on hand, but it’s worth mentioning here. Every prepared prepper should have one of these, so if for some strange reason you don’t then go get one as soon as possible.

I bought mine at Wal-Mart in the sporting goods department for under twenty-five dollars – they also have them at

Outdoor Grill / Smoker

smokerThis is another one of those items that will make like much easier, at least when it comes to preparing food after a disaster or a long-term grid down situation. I bought mine at Wal-Mart, in the lawn and garden department for fewer than one-hundred dollars – they also have them at




Extra Large Stew Pot

bayou-potEven if you don’t anticipate having a large group to cook for you should still have at least one large stew pot, because you never know who or how many family members or close friends will show up at your door, and most of us don’t want to shoot them, so we will have to feed them. I have a Bayou Classic 7406, 6-Qt. Cast Iron Soup Pot with Cast Iron Lid, but I’m afraid that even this won’t be sufficient for my needs – I’m getting another one…



Can Cooker

Can-CookerThe Can Cooker comes in 2 sizes, we have the small. It’s like a camp fire crock pot. Add the items and water, wait 30 minutes after it starts to vent steam.  Arrives with a recipe book to get you started. So far, I have done pork tenderloin and kielbasa, both with vegetables. But there are recipes for breakfasts and other things. You spray the inside with cooking spray (PAM), put in your vegetables, then your meat, add seasonings and liquid (16-24 ounces for the small one), put on the lid, and put it on the heat. Once you see steam coming out of the vent, plan for about 30 minutes of cooking time. Turn off the heat, wait about 10 minutes (for the internal pressure to come down). Open and enjoy… simple, easy, and great food.



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