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A Creative Look at What Women Carry for Self Defense



Those in the prepper sphere know that we need to be prepared to defend ourselves at any time.  This is something that many women, prepper or not, know as well.  One in three women will be victims of sexual assault during their lifetime.

Because of this, many women carry self defense items with them at all times.  This led Taylor Yocom, a photography student at the University of Iowa, to create the “Guarded” project.  The project is a series of photographs of women with the tools they carry with them for self defense.  It is worth noting that these images were taken on a college campus, where individuals are not allowed to carry guns.

Click here to learn more about the “Guarded” project.

She was inspired to start the project after she, along with women in her class, pulled out their key chains and shared what they had to keep themselves safe at night.

Many women had rape whistles and mace on their key chains.

“The men in our class were shocked,” she said. “They didn’t even have to think of having these objects.”

For our female readers, what do you carry for self defense?  Let us know in the comments.

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