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Giant Fake City in Desert to Test DHLS Response Tech


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Pegasus Global Holdings is financing an entire fake city in the New Mexico desert that will be used to test advanced technology such as drones, driver-less cars and much more.

The city will come complete with schools, churches, sports complexes and a suburb around it.

City Lab is an above ground, unpopulated, fully operating, and real-world lab environment representative of a mid-sized American city. It will provide a legacy environment where new technologies can be tested at scale, allowing researchers and manufacturers to manage the unpredictability of product performance before being introduced into the market.

City Lab will include:

  • Urban footprint: high-rise buildings, urban canyons
  • Suburban neighborhoods: mixed styles and neighborhood design
  • Rural/outlying residences, farms, ranches
  • Open spaces for expansion and isolated testing areas with unique designs
  • An interstate, urban and rural road system
  • An ubiquitous wireless and fixed-line communications and infrastructure

Pegasus also has an intimate relationship with the government doing work with the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. 

Homeland security will be directly involved in the Center for Innovation, Testing, and Evaluation (CITE):

“Homeland security is a key component of the plan for CITE, which will include a secure testing area for first responder technology with the benefit of proximity to the civil and commercial infrastructure.”, claims the official website.

This maybe the first time Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been involved developing an entire city or infrastructure for the American public. Imagine a smart city with minority report type capabilities, eerily similar to fictitiousUmbrella Corporation site.

The CITE has many goals and branches:

CITE will serve as an open operating test, evaluation and commercialization facility for next-generation innovations and technologies. It will provide a proving ground for technologies arising from the federal laboratories, universities, not-for-profit technology centers, federal departments and agencies, and the private sector. The facility will be designed to allow new technologies to integrate into the nation’s urban, suburban and rural “legacy infrastructure,” and provide detailed measurable results on their impact to the economy and its many sectors, e.g., energy, transportation, telecommunications, security, and agriculture. CITE will consist of a fully integrated physical facility modeled on a medium-sized American city, including its urban, suburban, and rural areas, built with standard roads, buildings, power, water, telecommunications and operating systems. Representative of today’s modern cities, CITE will allow clients to test the benefits and costs of their proposed next-generation innovations and technologies, hardware and software. Development, construction, and operating costs of CITE will be funded by the private sector. CITE will create 350 new direct jobs and it is expected to create more than 3,500 new indirect jobs through construction of the facility, supporting industry, and contractors. Due to the large impact that this facility will have on the economy of the State of New Mexico, Pegasus Global has built strong relationships with local and state government representatives, state universities, and federal laboratory leadership to help develop efforts to create a strong sustainable workforce.

DHLS Test City


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