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13 Unique Redneck Camping Tips

Camping tips are a dime a dozen, but this camping checklist is chock full of ideas we bet you’ve never seen before. From improvised camping gear to camping food prep, we’ve got you covered with some truly unique camping hacks. This  redneck-approved list can be used to add to your more traditional camping supplies for the ultimate camping experience. Impress your fellow campers with this unusual camping tips list and your seemingly never-ending supply of cool camping hacks. To camp like a pro, read on and discover our unique camping tips and tricks.

1. Sandpaper a mason jar lid for strike-able match storage


Find the instructions here.

2. Create an egg carton fire starter


Instructions here.

3. Create outdoor candle sticks for easy, portable lighting


Instructions here.

4. Use Doritos as kindling.

5. Use frozen water jugs for long lasting cold in your cooler


Instructions here.

6. Create a pocket-sized oil lamp from a travel shampoo bottle

pocket-sized oil lamp

Instructions here.

7. Create travel-friendly coffee brewers from filters and floss

travel-friendly coffee brewers

Instructions here.

8. Make your own grill out of a tin can


Instructions here.

9. Waterproof your shoes with beeswax

Waterproof your shoes with beeswax

Instructions here.

10. Use a belt and some hooks to fashion a pot hanger

pot hanger

Instructions here.

11. Dip cotton pads in wax to make easy fire starters

easy fire starters

Instructions here.

12. Create an emergency light out of some cardboard and an mint tin

emergency light

Instructions here.

13. Keep a jar full of candles handy for an easy light source


Instructions here.

14. Make a portable candle in an Altoid tin

portable candle

Instructions here.

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