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25 Genius Camping Gear Additions


Camping gear doesn’t have to be all about utility. Sure, you need the basic camping necessities, but why not treat yourself to some gear that, though not essential, is pretty awesome and fun to use. This camping gear list isn’t full of things that you necessarily need to make it through a camping trip, but it definitely has some cool stuff you never knew you wanted.

Next time you get ready to set up your campsite, bring along some of this gear for the ultimate camping experience. With camping hacks like these, you’ll enjoy the great outdoors like never before. Check out these 25 additions to your camping gear list and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this badass gear.


1. Truck Hammocks


If you take your truck with you on your camping trips, grab these cool camping chairs that fit right into your trailer hitch!


2. Solar Charger64121477417



You can create this one on your own or buy one like it off the internet! If you’re interested in the homemade version, find the full instructions here.


3. 2 Person Sleeping Bag



Why waste that valuable body heat? Snuggle up to your significant other and make the camping experience extra enjoyable.


4. Hammock Tent


Keep your campsite up off the ground and away from critters by rigging it up between a couple of trees! For more about hammock camping, click here.


5. Padded Floor Tiles



Don’t sleep on the hard, uncomfortable ground! Put down some of these cheap and easy tiles for ultimate camping comfort.


6. Biodegradable Hiking Tape



Mark your trail with a clear conscience by using this environmentally-friendly trail tape!


7. Microfiber Towels



These towels are less bulky, more absorbent, and dry out quicker. Take these instead of your old-school rags for an easier camping trip.


8. Campfire Panini Press/Pie Iron



Turn your campfire into a gourmet kitchen with this easy to use camping food tool.


9. Hanging Tent



Stay up and away from the hard ground and campsite critters with this tent.


10. USB Charger Camping Stove



Camping multi-taskers are a great thing. They lessen your load and work on double-duty for you’re campsite convenience. This stove provides you with your top two camping needs: to keep yourself fed and your phone charged.


11. Foil Sleeping Bag



This lightweight sleeping bag is easy to keep around as a spare or to carry when your top concern is pack weight.


12. Fire Pan



This lightweight fire pan acts as a mobile fire pit, making fire starting easy no matter where you are!


13. Shower Deck

camping hacks


No one really wants to stand on a dirty floor while they’re trying to get clean! Use this miniature deck to house your toiletries and then break it out for maximum camping shower sanitation.


14. Waterproof Socks



Cold, wet feet are a serious downer on camping trips. Break out these socks and keep your feet dry come rain or shine.


15. Silicon Cups



This break-proof cups are campsite friendly as they are easy to use, wash, and transport.


16. Shower Caddy Lanyard



No longer do you need a bulky caddy full of giant bottles. This handy shower caddy lightens your load when it’s shower time.


17. Table Grill


No more hunching over a camp fire. This grill sits on a tabletop, making it incredibly convenient and easy to use when it comes time to wrestle up some grub.


18. Camping Shower



Who knew a big jug and a plastic faucet could make such a handy camping shower? This shower is completely mobile, making for optimum convenience. Find the full instructions here.


19. Solar Spark Lighter



This is a great back up to have around in case your matches get wet or your lighter runs out of fuel. Plus it’s just fun to catch stuff on fire using the sun.


20. Folding Toaster



This toaster uses the campfire to perfectly toast your bread for your campsite breakfast.


21. Truck Bed Tent



Another ultra-convenient tent. No matter where you end up, you’ll have a perfect spot for your tent.


22. Wash Station



This station makes campsite meal clean up incredibly easy and convenient.


23. Hanging Cupboard



If you’re a campsite chef, you’ve got to get this easy and incredibly useful hanging pantry.


24. Extreme Phone Case



We all treasure our technology, so it only makes sense to ensure its safety for out more extreme camping conditions!


25. Collapsable Kitchen Sink



This sink brings the ultimate convenience of home to the camp site. You’ll wonder how you did dishes before you had it.


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