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Dave Canterbury’s Hammock Tent Review


Honestly, who doesn’t love a good camping hammock? We all know hammocks relaxing and fun, but a camping hammock tent can also serve as elevated shelters for camping or survival situations. Hammock camping is one of the more enjoyable ways to go camping.

If you are searching the best high-quality hammock for your next adventure, don’t look any further than the Tactical Hammock. It solves many problems you might encounter with typical hammocks, like compact-ability, durability and protection.

Check out Dave Canterbury’s video review of the Tactical Hammock:

Want this hammock?

When I first got the Tactical Hammock, I was immediately surprised at how compact and light it was.


At only 2.2 pounds, this is an ideal backpacking hammock or camping hammock. Its portability and small size make it easy to pack with the rest of your survival gear without taking up too much space or added weight.


Waterproofing is a huge feature for me – whether you are carrying it loosely or in your pack, the top flap can be tucked in to keep debris and water out. Very, very convenient.


Surprisingly, hanging the hammock took no time at all. However, we could not hang it as tight as we would have liked. It’s best to hang the hammock between trees 10-13 feet away from each other, which would require additional cord that does not come with the hammock.


I found the rope at the ends of the hammock to be sturdy but a bit short, which makes the hammock only functional around a smaller tree or limb. Although, like I mentioned before, this can be remedied by carrying additional cord. But I definitely felt confident that the hammock was secure with the caribiners provided.


The survival hammock serves a great elevated shelter, and when it comes to mosquitoes and critters, this guy has you covered. I am severely allergic to mosquitoes and I am definitely not a huge fan of spiders, but I felt very comfortable with the protective layer of  mesh mosquito netting.

The loop holes and cord provided helped to make a tent-like covering over the top of the hammock, so there wasn’t any issue with getting wrapped up in the netting. The cord is also stretchy, which made tightening and loosening the netting really easy to manipulate.


Another nice touch is the two pockets sewn inside the mosquito netting. It can’t hold much weight, but you can easily store and access important tools in your camping hammock, like your survival knife.


Many hammocks don’t have double stitching, but this hammock a perfect option for carrying a little more weight because the seams and zipper on the hammock are double-stitched with a thick, strong thread, making it very durable and tough.


My favorite part about this hammock is the sleeve. My biggest concern when purchasing a portable hammock is losing the sleeve that the hammock rolls up in and not being able to properly store it back to its compact size. But not this hammock. It has a sleeve sewn into the side seam, serving as additional storage when the hammock is in use. Genius.


I don’t know about you, but I always have issues packing large things into small spaces, like a sleeping bag. I thought I would have similar issues with this hammock, but it’s remarkably quick and easy to pack.

If you are searching for a durable, yet lightweight option, you can’t beat this survival camping hammock. Overall, its many features and compact-ability make it a great shelter alternative for your next camping trip or survival situation.

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