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DIY Solar Powered Cellphone Charger

Cell phones are one of the modern conveniences we rely on the most.

The average person would be completely lost if forced to live without their phone for a day, much less for a longer span of time.

You can be left without electricity for an extended amount of time for multiple reasons.

Blackouts, fallen power lines, being in a survival situation, or just going on a camping trip can leave you an outlet short to juice up your technology.

Quickly, your phone battery is drained and your devise becomes useless.

We have a solution to this problem, and it comes in the form of a portable, rechargeable, solar powered cell phone charger.

Keep reading to learn how to build your own!





  • Solar Panel
  • USB Power Bank
  • 4 Port USB Hub
  • 7805 Regulator Chip
  • Micro USB CableĀ  With a Stripped End
  • Multitool
  • A short length of stranded wire
  • Superglue

DIY Solar Charger Steps:

Solder And Mount The Regulator

Solar-Charger-Materials-01 Solar-Charger-Materials-02 Solar-Charger-Materials-03 Solar-Charger-Materials-04 Solar-Charger-Materials-05

Mount The Remaining Devices

Solar-Charger-Materials-06 Solar-Charger-Materials-07

Finished Solar Charger

Solar-Charger-Materials-08 Solar-Charger-Materials-09 Solar-Charger-Materials-10

For the full DIY, click here.


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