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17 Life Changing Yet Uncommon Survival Products

1. These rainproof shoe covers.


Get them here.

2. This battery-free rainproof lantern for when the city’s power shuts down.

rainproof lantern

Get it here.

3. This tiny waterproof flashlight.

The catch: there’s ONLY ONE left. Get it here.

4. This indestructible waterproof match case.

waterproof match case

Probably useful. Get it here.

5. This totally water resistant pack.

water resistant pack

Carry your valuables. You can’t trust a hurricane to bypass your safe. Get it here.

6. This gizmo that’s actually useful in torrential rain.

Get it here.

7. This translucent cocoon that’ll still let you enjoy the outside.

translucent cocoon

Micasa Lab / Via

Don’t let that weather stop you.

8. This rainproof camera protector because when else can you take up-and-close shots of a storm?

rainproof camera protector

Get it here.

9. This rainproof yoga bag.

rainproof yoga bag

Get it here.

10. This rainproof wedding garment bag.

rainproof wedding garment bag

Available here.

11. A rainproof coat for your pet.

rainproof pet coat for your

This is the most important survival item. Get it here.

12. These rainproof binocular glasses that’ll help you dodge any incoming debris.

rainproof binocular glasses

Buy it here.

13. This rainproof beret with Italian triple layer velvet.

rainproof beret

Never sacrifice style for bad weather. Available here.

14. These rainproof markers.

rainproof markers

For writing on your windows, “Still alive, still OK” obviously. Get them here.

15. These very large waterproof poms.

These very large waterproof poms.

No way is this damn hurricane stopping your party. Get it here.

16. This dustproof and water-resistant vape that ALSO comes with a flashlight.

water-resistant vape

The only things you need when facing a storm of impending doom. Available here.

17. This pin to remind the hurricane that your life is important too.

pin to remind

“Yes, you’re 200x bigger than me, but please don’t forget about the fact that I have shit to do.” Get it here.

Good luck everyone and be safe!

About the author

Urban Survival Times Contributer

At Urban Survival Times our mission is to be the best survival blog providing a vast array of knowledge, tactics, and skills in the survival and preparedness fields, to any and all who wish to become more prepared for whatever may come.


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    Love your suggestions.
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    EG Item #3 – I am now hunting to find online to buy myself!
    1) you would have provided me a greater service, making it easy to purhcase.
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