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Video: Man Builds SHTF Bunker Beneath His Back Garden


Take a tour of the ultimate man cave.


Screen Shot: ColinFurze (YouTube).

If, God forbid, the apocalypse happened tomorrow…what would you do? You. Yes, you; sitting there, reading this. What would you do to survive? If your answer, just then, was “erm…I don’t know really…I guess I’d just like…you know…curl up in the cupboard under the stairs with a six-pack of baked beans or something,” congratulations. You’re a man/woman without a plan, and you’re officially doomed when the end of the world comes knocking.

Now Colin Furze, on the other hand, is a man who most certainly has a plan. With the help of Sky 1, Colin has built himself the world’s ultimate man-cave/bunker underneath his normal looking back garden. And, honestly, we don’t know what to say about it. The whole set-up is just so unbelievably awesome that we’re having what’s known in housing circles as a ‘Kevin McCloud Moment’. If you only watch one guided tour of an apocalypse-ready secret bunker today, make sure it’s this one.


Screen Shot: ColinFurze (YouTube).

ColinFurze (YouTube).


Screen Shot: ColinFurze (YouTube).

Suddenly your eating-beans-and-hiding-under-the-stairs plan seems a bit naff, doesn’t it? From this point moving forward, I guess you’ve basically got two options. You can either, as Colin has done, construct your own man-cave/bunker underneath your back garden or, and this way is a hell of a lot easier, just make friends with Colin and hope that he doesn’t mind sharing.

If you haven’t got time to watch the video but still want something to talk about at the pub later, we’ve compiled some of our favorite screen shots together and turned it into a little gallery of sorts.  While you’re doing that, the Mpora team will of course be stockpiling all of your local supermarket’s bean supplies. Hahaha! We’re taking all the beans. Good luck surviving the apocalypse without any beans…we’ve said too much.



“Drum Solo!” | Screen Shot: ColinFurze (YouTube).


“Weird Bed” | Screen Shot: ColinFurze (YouTube).


“Toilet…And Lots Of Toilet Paper” | Screen Shot: ColinFurze (YouTube).


Weapons | Screen Shot: ColinFurze (YouTube).


Entertainment System | Screen Shot: ColinFurze (YouTube).


The “Before Shot” | Screen Shot: ColinFurze (YouTube).

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