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How To Make A Fast Starting Alcohol Hobo Stove


After reviewing all the different types of Pop-Can stoves posted on YouTube, we decided to design and build an improved version. We built hundreds of pop can stoves in different sizes and configurations but most of them ended up in the trash can. We finally came up with a pop can stove design that works great. It takes 5 pop cans to build 1 stove.

We call it our Fast-Start Pop-Can Stove. It does not need to be primed and will blossom in about 10 seconds. 1 oz of fuel (Heet) will burn for 9 minutes. 2 cups of water will come to a rolling boil under 6 minutes. Measured burning time is with a pan on top of stove. The fuel will burn out faster without a pan.

Alcohol Soda Can-Hobo-Stove3


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