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Camper Folds Up To An Amazingly Small Size

It looks more like an industrial power generator than anything else, but this trailer is hiding something awesome beneath its rough exterior. When planning a camping trip, ditch the tent – because this camper has it all. The trailer featured in the video below is the Conqueror Camper UEV 440. UEV stands for “urban escape vehicle,” and it’s unlike all other trailers on the market.

The materials and design of this camper were largely inspired by those used in the aviation industry. Everything you see is either aluminum, stainless steel, or electro-galvanized, meaning there’s maximum protection against corrosion. In addition, the vehicle itself is designed so that it can easily maneuver the roughest of terrains — from wet swamps, to twisty, winding corners, all the way to steep descents.

Why is this camper so well-built? Well first off, the company used to specialize in off-road military products, so you can certainly see that in all its product lines. Despite looking like a rough ride, the camper is also designed for maximum comfort. If the UEV 440 is too much, Conqueror also sells other, smaller lines for family fun. One review says, “It might be the baby of the Conqueror family but we love our UEV-310. It suits the camping needs of me, husband and 2 kids down to the ground. The storage is so accessible, it fits all our gear and setup is so easy the kids want to help!”

Don’t forget to watch the camper unfold at 3:00. This seemingly small camper quickly turns into a full kitchen setup, including a double stove and sink! Let’s not forget other luxuries such as the air-conditioning system, DVD player, microwave/fridge, and shower. Really, the Conqueror Camper is an adventurer’s ultimate dream.

What does this dream cost? The UEV 440 is around $60,000, while the smaller campers are in the $16,000-$25,000 range. Think it’s worth the price tag? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to share with your friends on Facebook!

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