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How To Make a Miracle Safe


Need to hide something where no-one will ever find it? Put the odds in your favor with a simple jar of salad dressing.

Hide Your Money in Plain Sight with This Simple Lifehack

Did you know that the average burglar will spend 8-12 minutes going through your personal items looking for anything of value? With this in mind, it’s important to find clever and discrete ways to keep your money and valuable belongings safe and hidden from view.

Enter the “miracle safe”.

This tutorial from the King of Random is a quick and simple DIY project that could really help you out if your house is ever broken into. It’s a great way to hide money (and other small, valuable possessions) in plain view.

All you’ll need for this project is:

  • Empty Miracle Whip (or other mayonnaise/salad dressing) jar
  • Ivory spray paint made for painting plastic
  • Paper lunch bag
  • Masking tape
  • Hair dryer
  • Sticky-back foam


  • Small cat food tin
  • Electrical tape
  • Sandpaper

Making your miracle safe is simple. Simply clean and dry the mayonnaise jar, then apply several layers of spray paint to the inside of the jar (using the paper bag to protect the outside.) Use the hair dryer to dry the paint between coats, then apply the sticky-back foam to the inside of the jar to protect the paint.

To see the full tutorial, check out the video below:

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